Right to Cancel

Right to Cancel and Refund Rights:

The client can request a refund without further explanation within 14 days
as long as the product is unused by simply returning it.
Such a refund is warranted if the package is postmarked within 2 weeks of receipt. Shipping costs of a refund-claim are carried by the client for a merchandise value of up to 40,-€. Shipping costs for a merchandise value exceeding 40,-€ are carried by us.

Caution: Packages that are sent back to us must always be franked!

We reserve the right to refuse unfranked packages as these greatly increase
shipping costs and such expenses are much higher than normal prepaid delivery. We will gladly refund shipping costs in the value of normal delivery per DHL.
In case we do accept an unfranked package, we will bill you a general fee of 5,50€ for additional charges to spare you the entire additional expense or deduct this from the amount to be refunded (whichever is the case).