Hints on choosing

  • Should I choose a male or female puppet, or does it really matter?

    Children identify themselves with the puppets which is why boys should opt for a male and girls for a female puppet.
  • I work professionally with puppets and take into consideration which puppets children react to best...

    An aspect to consider is whether the puppet will be a type of mascot for the group, but choose the puppet that you like the most and which you can embody with the greatest of ease. The children will love it...
  • Should I choose a dress-puppet?

    Dress-puppets are great of course with their garments and bare toes when undressed. In families with children they can serve as an example with regards to cleanliness.
    On the other hand, an argument for the large (non-dress) puppets could be that you don't lose any clothing items.
  • Should I choose a large or a small puppet?

    In order to convey concepts to children and gain their undivided attention, the large puppets are undeniably the best. We recommend the small puppets for children under 5 years of age.
  • I can't decide on a puppet:

    A simple side-by-side comparison can handle this dilemma; just place (view) the two puppets that appeal to you the most and then decide on one.